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Spring Clean Your Way to More Energy.


Do you remember when you were young,watching your mother or grandmother perform the ritual of spring cleaning? I can remember curtains being pulled off their rods, carpets lifted, and mattresses turned. Windows were opened letting the stale winter air out as the new fresh air of spring was ushered in.

What has become stale, dusty or disorganized in your life or work? And, what can you do this spring to simplify or freshen things? Let this spring cleaning ritual remind you to focus a little of your attention to the opportunity and possibility just outside of your own door. It's hard to get to the door though, if you are tripping over appointments, schedules,activities and anything else that might be piling up.What steps can you take to lighten your current load, rid yourself of excess "stuff" and begin to simplify your life?

Simplifying often begins with an internal desire to improve the quality of your life. Are there activities that take up your time and energy but don't necessarily give you pleasure or satisfaction anymore? Is your house, garage,or office filled with possessions that no longer give meaning to your life?

When deciding to simplify, don't try and tackle every area of your life all at once. If you do, you will become overwhelmed and distressed. Think of simplifying as a process.Begin by taking small steps. Start by uncluttering a drawer,closet or desktop. As you clean up some of the clutter and eliminate those little energy drains, you may notice a new energy circulating through your life.You may even feel more alive and in synch with the spring season.

When you stop burying, burdening and beating yourself with possessions and commitments, you will have more time to breathe and choose what truly nourishes you.

     This spring, may you find yourself in what the Taoists call Wu Wei; harmonious action, balance, smooth flowing and in the flow of life.

 (c) 2010 Nancy D. Bishop, all rights reserved.

How Will You Love Today

 "She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful & life was so short." ~ Brian Andreas


Begin the Year with Who You Can Change.


"It's essential that we understand that taking care of the planet will be done as we take care of ourselves. You know that you can't really make much of a difference until you change yourself." ~ Alice Walker




Let Intuition Guide You

While out walking the other morning, I was inspired to veer from my usual route and take a path along the river. To my surprise and amazement it led me to a place where I was surrounded by ice crystals. It was like a scene out of the movie Narnia. I felt the peace and beauty of this place and was thankful that I listened to my intuition and followed it.

When I listen to my intuition it always leads me along the best route. When I ignore it, I may get to where I want to go but it is often more diffcult and not always so pretty.

Invest in You

This month, most magazines on the newsstand have tips for surviving holiday stress. It makes me wonder why year after year these articles need to be written. Either nobody is following the tips or we forget that our self-care is a year-round investment not just a seasonal event. I'd like to suggest that we would all feel better during the holidays or, any time of the year, if we invested in taking care of ourselves first.

Remember that song by Jackson Brown, "Running on empty, Running dry?" We wouldn't think of letting the gas tank in our vehicles go dry, yet many of us are running around with empty tanks. We come sputtering into the holidays on fumes and exhaust. We wonder why we don't enjoy one of the most celebratory times of the year.

Why not do a little pre-holiday preventative maintenance  and create a menu for your self-care? Include foods that will nourish your body. Plan activities that get you out into the fresh air and sunshine. Feed your mind and soul with music, books and movies that lift your spirit. Spend time with those people in your life that bring out the best in you; they replenish your cup, not drain it dry. Find a group of people who have goals to improve their lives and who want to see you succeed in yours. Start smiling more. Be Kind to Yourself. Love yourself.

Try these tips and see if you can change your Bah to Ah.