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Pray Rain Journal

I recently read this story about a man who asked a shaman if he could watch him as he performed a rain dance. The shaman invited him to a field where the dance would take place. He watched as the shaman walked into a circle of stones and stood in the center with his eyes closed. After several minutes went by, the shaman walked out of the circle. The man was surprised that there was no "dancing", no colorful costumes, rituals or chants. He said to the shaman, "I thought you were going to pray for rain." The Shaman responded, "not pray for rain, but PRAY RAIN." The difference, he explained, is that in praying rain you connect with the feeling of the rain as it falls on your skin, you breathe in the smell of rain, you hear the sound of it as it hits the earth and the taste it on your tongue. In other words, you connect with the feeling of already having it.

Based on this idea many are now keeping a "Pray Rain Journal."The idea is to write down what you are praying for as if you already have it. Capture what it would feel like, smell like, look like, and sound like if you were to have your prayer answered. According to the law of attraction, when you connect with the feeling of having your prayers answered you actually raise the vibration and start attracting the answers to your prayers.

Just Brew It

It can take years of testing before a recipe has been perfected so that the flavors are not too strong, or weak, sour or sweet but a blend of balanced ingredients. Just like a recipe, if you are going to create a life that is balanced and satisfying, you have to pay attention to the ingredients that make up your life. Look at all the areas of your life: work, recreation, family, spirituality, health, friendships and ask yourself if there are areas that are creating a bitter brew. Then make some adjustments to the ingredients to create a life that you savor. Just Brew It!

Act Like a Queen

Actually, carry an image of a Queen around with you as a reminder  to treat yourself with dignity and self respect.

I recently went through some challenging times and I needed to be reminded that my self-esteem and self worth were important . I tucked Her Majesty's image in my purse and when I thought of how the Queen would act in a given situation, I received instant support.  My circumstances started to change and those around me started to treat me with more respect. They say that you teach people how to treat you so Act like a Queen. What have you got to lose?

Things Will Look Up When You Do


Sometimes we can be so determined to move forward on our path's that we get tunnel vision. It helps to stop once in awhile and look up. Have you ever been told when going through difficult times that "things will look up?" 

Maybe there is a good reason for this. When we physically move our head's to look up, could we also be changing the brain's chemistry and lifting our moods? Try it some time and let me know what you see and how you feel.