Finding the Treasure in Your Complaints

We all have an inner critic that judges, whines, criticizes and complains. Have you ever thought about giving that voice inside an outlet; a way out-of-your-head?

What if instead of trying to ignore the inner critic, we turned to the voice and let it have its say and we listened with full attention? The question is, are we willing to listen long enough to the pain and misery or are we quick to shut this part of ourselves off in attempt to make "it" go away? We all know that what we resist becomes more persistent.

I know, you don't think the inner critic will ever stop, but the truth is, it has to. That is the nature of transformation. When our complaints and criticisms are transformed we find peace and contentment.

Our complaints hold the keys to buried treasure. The treasure has always been there. We just have to be willing to go deeper to discover it.