How to Catapult Out of A Rut and Get Your Creative Dreams Flowing Again.

Spring is the time of year that most New Englander's dream about all winter long. Winter coats and boots are gleefully stuffed into the backs of closets in exchange for summer shorts and sandals. I remember my mother telling us that we couldn't wear our shorts until after Memorial Day; we might catch cold. And, as for summer whites, never before Memorial Day. How things change and, still, some things remain the same.

Just a few miles south, the trees have begun their springtime show while daffodils stand clustered on roadside hills. Wild colors are bursting onto the landscape; red tulips, green grass, yellow forsythia.  Each morning promises the arrival of another species of bird, another blossom in the garden. 
All of this creativity in nature can be a stark reminder if you are feeling stuck in some area of your life whether it be a project, career, relationship, or financial issue. So how can you tap into your creativity and get unstuck?
First, remember that we all have creative energy pulsing through our veins. We have a choice in each moment to recreate our stories and our lives. Instead of focusing on judging your experience as good or bad, find ways to shift your focus from judgment to taking some action that will move you forward in the direction of your dreams.
Not knowing what you want can be an exciting place to be because that puts you in the role of the adventurer. Start noticing the things that grab your attention and interest. What magazines, books, topics, and activities are you drawn to? Instead of working so hard to figure "things" out, relax and have fun exploring.   

Don't forget the importance of getting support from others. Brainstorming with someone else can bring new insights and may jumpstart your creativity.  With a plan, support, encouragement and someone to hold you accountable, momentum is created that fuels the creative engine that will catapult you out of your rut.

Imagine what you want as though it were taking place right now. What does it look like, how do you feel, what are you thinking, what are you spending your time on?
The world is waiting for you to bring your creativity into full, colorful bloom. You have the power; it resides within you.