Invest in You

This month, most magazines on the newsstand have tips for surviving holiday stress. It makes me wonder why year after year these articles need to be written. Either nobody is following the tips or we forget that our self-care is a year-round investment not just a seasonal event. I'd like to suggest that we would all feel better during the holidays or, any time of the year, if we invested in taking care of ourselves first.

Remember that song by Jackson Brown, "Running on empty, Running dry?" We wouldn't think of letting the gas tank in our vehicles go dry, yet many of us are running around with empty tanks. We come sputtering into the holidays on fumes and exhaust. We wonder why we don't enjoy one of the most celebratory times of the year.

Why not do a little pre-holiday preventative maintenance  and create a menu for your self-care? Include foods that will nourish your body. Plan activities that get you out into the fresh air and sunshine. Feed your mind and soul with music, books and movies that lift your spirit. Spend time with those people in your life that bring out the best in you; they replenish your cup, not drain it dry. Find a group of people who have goals to improve their lives and who want to see you succeed in yours. Start smiling more. Be Kind to Yourself. Love yourself.

Try these tips and see if you can change your Bah to Ah.