Joy Full June

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.~ Rumi

Everything is so lush from all of the rain we've been having this spring. This kind of beauty stops me in my tracks and takes my breath away. I know without a doubt that we live in an abundant universe.

We all need to pause for beauty and remember that we are part of a grand creation. I remind myself of this when I am struggling or resisting things in my life. This usually happens when I'm thinking in scarcity mode and living a pinched narrow existence. I know this is when I need to step back for awhile and pause for beauty. How about you?

Many of us operate with the belief that if we just try harder, do more, then we will succeed and be happy. When the truth is just the opposite. When we relax, let go and stop struggling things begin to unfold for us; opportunities seem to find us.

Have you noticed that some of your best ideas and most creative times come when you aren't trying so hard to make things happen? It seems when we shift our attention away from the struggle and, focus more on what brings us JOY, that things begin to happen effortlessly. But, we have to do our parts and become the gardener's of our attitudes.

Researchers in the field of positive emotions say we need five positive emotions to override one negative emotion. When we cultivate a positive attitude we are actually storing positive emotions that persist in spite of any adversity or challenge that comes our way.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Am I flourishing? Does my life have meaning and purpose? Am I thriving? Am I growing or am I root bound and tangled up? How much fun am I having?

If the answers to these questions leave you feeling empty then its time to start cultivating your JOY. Let's make JOY our REAL jobs by paying attention to the people, places and things that make us feel great. Once you begin to recognize who or what gives you JOY then make it a priority to get large daily doses of JOY. Revel and relish in what brings you JOY. JOY is the main ingredient and absolutely necessary to create the flavor for vital health, success, happiness, wealth, and great relationships.

This June make it your JOB to be JOY FULL. Put yourself in situations and in the company of people who encourage, inspire and bring out the best in you. Most of all have FUN!!

It's time to get out of that tight clay pot, stretch your roots, relax and grow your JOY.