Pay Attention to Your Insight for Clear Direction

Often, what initially seems like the worst news can be the very thing needed to get us to change direction from the path we've been on, and to forge a new one that is a clear path to living an authentic life.

Initially, we may not know even know what direction to go in. In this place of "not knowing" we enter what the Buddhists call "beginners" mind. This is the place where we don't have any answers and we are full of questions. When we are living in a place of questioning, we are open, curious and in a posture of receiving instead of being closed, resisting, or grabbing for the next best answer.

In my own life, I began feeling worn out and dried up from walking a path that was not my "authentic" path. One way that this began to show up was through my vision. My eyes started to become dry. I was told, after an eye exam, that I was suffering from a serious case of dry eyes. Of course, there are all kinds of explanations why physiologically my eyes might be drying out. My first responsibility was to follow my doctor’s recommendations: drink more water, wear my glasses instead of contact lenses and use eye drops. In addition, I also looked for the deeper symbolic message of what might be causing my dry eyes.

I realized that my eye problem started when I stopped listening to myself and started looking outside myself for signs that I was doing okay.  I’d lost touch with my own in-sight and intuition. Essentially, my “internal” vision was drying up.

The lesson for me was that in order for my eyes to heal, I had to change the direction that I was moving in. I'm now looking at my path with a softer gaze; paying attention to the signs that are appearing along the way. I have faith that as long as I remain open and curious, I will be walking a path that is authentic for me.

Oh, and as for my dry eyes, while on my way to my follow up appointment with my eye doctor, a hawk flew in front of my car. Since the hawk has such keen eyesight, I took that as a sign that things were going to be fine with my eyes. In fact, when I got to the eye doctors, he barely mentioned that my eyes were dry when 6 weeks earlier he was talking about prescriptions and possible eye surgery. My eyesight improved when I looked within to see what areas in my life were feeling “dry” and where I lacked enthusiasm. Once I had some clarity, I could take action to change the direction I was headed in.

How about you? What are some of the signs that you may not be moving in the direction that is right for you? If you find yourself "not knowing" ask for guidance from a trusted friend or professional that is trained in this terrain. Messages may also appear  in a dream and from your own intuition. Remember, we all move by taking one step at a time. Just take the next step and pay attention to your own in-sight about what is right for you.