Special-Tea Menu

"Find yourself a cup; the teapot is behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of things."  H.H.Munro                                                 


My current menu of special-tea programs are customized for individuals and groups. Contact me for information and pricing or to sample one of my special-teas.



Feeling overwhelmed, over-scheduled or just plain overdone? Clari-Tea coaching offers you the ingredients to a clear vision and understanding that will lead you to discovering the purpose and meaning of your life.


Who are you? What is the difference you want to make in the world? Discover and honor your heart, your health, your gifts and talents. Infuse your authentic self into everything you do. Authentici-Tea coaching will quench your thirst for what's missing in your life.


Improve your energy for life with Vitali-Tea Coaching. You'll begin to identify your Energy Drains and Energy Gains. Discover what fills your cup and take action to eliminate those things that drain you. You deserve to have more Vitali-Tea.


Learn how to attract prosperity and abundance into your life. Get your cup to overflow with all that you value. Change your thinking and you will change your life.


Would you like to create a simpler life that reflects all that is important to you? Simplici-Tea coaching is for women who long for more balance in their life. Let's find your brand of tea and create a life you love by simplifying your life, identifying your goals and values and prioritizing your time. Sip by Sip.


Coaching for the creative spirit who needs a cup of encouragement, filled with ideas and activities to jumpstart their creativity or get unstuck with a creative project or idea.


Coaching to get you through whatever life deals you. You'll get support to develop an action plan that will put you back in control of your life. Misfortune can be a strong and bitter brew to drink. Let adversi-tea coaching help you find ways to lighten and sweeten life when it pours you this cup.

Pick your cup of tea and contact me to get things brewing. I can be reached for wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, career coaching, personal coaching and group coaching at 603-357-4597 or email me.