Change comes in many flavors. It can be a job loss, a new job, marriage, divorce, illness, sudden wealth, retirement or a birthday. Whatever the precipitating event, the process always remains the same. First, something happens that may initially be shocking and emotionally overwhelming. Typically most people are not embracing the change. Some are confused and may feel frustrated and angry that the world they knew now seems unfamiliar.

Transitions will often feel like the very ground is shifting beneath us. It is important during periods of transition to find ways to "ground" yourself. Taking good care of yourself during uncertain times could include listening to meditative music, walking in nature, reading poetry, connecting with friends, or learning something new. 

I am a strong advocate of journal writing and recommend this practice to my clients who are going through transition. Journaling has many benefits that include boosting immunity, reducing stress and connecting you with what you value. Becoming clear about your values is essential in making authentic choices. Your values are the compass that will keep you on track and guide you through any transition. Values are the key ingredients necessary for making your recipe for life complete.

During this time of transitioning into the new year, why not get into synch with the season and take some time in the next few days to reflect on what is most important to you in your life.Begin to prioritize how you are going to spend your time this year. What change can you make in your own life that you want to see in the world?

Transitions always have the capacity to teach us important lessons about ourselves and life. If we remain open, these times will lead us all to living more authentically.
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