What's Right in Your World?



Find the good. It's all around you. Find it, showcase it and you'll start believing in it." Jesse Owens


Wherever you live on the planet nature provides incredible beauty. You only have to open your eyes to see it. Your vision can become blurry though if you are always in a rush and moving through your days at break-neck speeds. 
DeWitt Jones, one of America's top professional photographers and, a photojournalist for National Geographic, said this,"The earth today is like a landscape of turbulent weather or a sky of 10,000 snow geese." Jones' vision was to celebrate "what's right with the world." His vision guided him to capture and photograph some of the most stunning places in the world. Celebrating "what's right with the world" is the vision that opened the door to possibility for DeWitt Jones. In order to see "what's right" he had to believe it first. 
So many of us today live in the world of I'll believe it when I see it.
What if we shifted our focus and operated from the premise that when I believe it I'll see it? What vision do you have for your life, health, relationships work, recreation, finances, community and the world? What are you choosing to believe in?
When you have a clear vision for your life you'll begin to see all kinds of opportunities that have always been there waiting for you. Chances are good that you'll find passion and creativity right there too.
Believe that what's right in your world is already there. When you believe it, you'll see it.